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EU CE Certificate

Our Global Marketing and Consistent Updated Techniques in Manufacture

RE-PLAST was established in 1974, a Taiwan company that focus on manufacturing and marketing of pelletizing extruder and other auxiliary equipments for plastic compounding and recycling, and has always been committed to the development of the most simplified, most stable, most compact and most in line with customer expectations of single screw extruders and twin screw plastic extruders. The company has series of products that conforms the CE and UL standards and has a full manufacturing range of precision machining equipment, CNC, milling, boring, grinding machines, tempering, nitriding, vacuum quenching and others equipment.

For over 40 years, we obtains worldwide customers’ positive feedbacks, hence we uphold cordial services, research and development of higher level innovative machinery that are manufactured upon the concept of durability, safety factor, easy operation and maintenance, economical power consumption, environmentally friendly and low production costs, to continuously meet the demand of our worldwide customers.

The Chairman's Maxim

The Endless Endeavor and True Know-how Over thirty years, we have come from a small works to a worldwide manufacture and marketing corporation of professional plastic granulator and plastic crusher. In fact, the process of its growth is not only a good luck, but also a story of the endless endeavor. In the idea of us, everything of business shall be dominated by the endless endeavor and true know-how. The maxim is to do job with keeping eyes on the ball or also burning ones bridge.

Nowadays, the efforts-taking is really an attitude of pretty smart but does not give up the ship. We do most to meet the target of the endless endeavor and true know-how in which we carry out the reasonable impulsion as facing the challenge. A man with will is not a man at will, I believe that a man whose wills success is half way to it. The innovative device is all you can see in our products if you take chances to visit our factory or our booth in every Int'l Fair. Of course, the dependence and reliance from our clientele do always support us standing inflexibly in this field.

Chairman /Mr. Chun-fu Chien Chang