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Our future, Your idea.

We of course cannot hold completely the future in our field, and the anticipation shall not either. However, what we have to do is keeping on updating the knowledge according to the latest trend of plastic machinery. On the other hand, to broaden the eyeshot to the world and meanwhile to study anything good are both the good ways to catch the request and necessity from our customers.

Listen to the customers' requirement RE-PLAST makes herself a stand for an idea of "Keep eyes on the ball, and shake up." In making the series of extruder machinery, completely meet the ideas of environment-friendly, high-efficiency and making money. They are not only with the premium quality but also the pioneers of the cutting-edge of Taiwan's plastic machinery.

RE-PLAST is located in Tunglo Industrial Area, Miaoli County, Taiwan, we have the professional electrical, mechanical and institutional personnels, focus on development of single/twin plastic pelletizing extruder.